Silicone Straw Tips 7pc


Silicone Straw Tips, multi-coloured Food Grade, Straw Tip Covers – Fits 8mm wide Stainless Steel Straws.


Material: Food Grade Silicone   Fits: 8mm Stainless Steel and Glass Straws .  7 pieces per pack, straws not included.

COLOURS: Hot Pink / Purple / Blue / Orange / Black / Yellow / Seafoam





SILICONE TIPS FOR METAL STRAWS: Straw covers / rubber tips, Eco Friendly and BPA Free, odourless.  Fits 8mm straws.

GENTLE ON THE LIPS: Our silicone tips make soft contact that is very comfortable in the mouth.  Not hard, Not cold, Not hot.

SAFE TO USE:  No fear of chipping teeth, poking an eye out or scratching the inside of your mouth.  Ideal for drivers and children, prevents direct contact with metal in the mouth.

7 COLOURS: Makes drinks easily identifiable.  Seven Colours per pack -Hot Pink/Purple/Blue/Orange/Black/Yellow/Seafoam.




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