Founded in 2018 in Perth Western Australia, Flamingo is a leader in high performance insulated products ranging from Water Bottles, Travel Mugs, Flasks, Wine Bottles, Wine & Champagne Tumblers.  Inspiring an active and joyful life on the go.  All of our products are made with 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel – a metal recognised for its strength and purity.  It also protects against flavour transfer, so sip and enjoy perfect drinks wherever you go. 

The Flamingo Difference

We talk directly with our customers and listen to their feedback, constantly developing stylish and functional products.  Flamingo’s insulated drinkware is made with double-wall vacuum insulation to lock in temperature; ensuring pure taste and durable ergonomic designs for perfect hydration.


insulation innovation

We believe it is the unique combination of temperature, taste, and transport that makes our Flasks more than just water bottles.  This insulation technology allows us to deliver – unexpected refreshment each and every time.



We are on a mission to create a world without warm beer, ruined cocktails, and stale wine. 
We encourage our customers to stay in the moment with perfect drinks on hand.  
Pure and refreshing Every time.